Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It Stinks Alright!

This is a VERY late birthday card for a friend, so the "It Stinks" sentiment is perfect. I missed her special day alright ... perhaps even the special month. But some people look at it that late cards help prolong a birthday celebration, so if that's the case, my bad memory was a big favor to her!

I used another "Clean & Simple" layout for this card ... this one numbered "Sketch 49". My color scheme was determined by the striped DP ("Legacy Stripe/Quilt" by Pebbles) -- which perhaps looks masculine, but there is a faint floral print going across the stripes that helps make it unisex, I think. Besides, the stripes paired well with the skunk, I thought, and the skunk is holding flowers... (A person can justify ANYTHING if they try hard enough!) I also added a little sparkle to the flower centers, another "girlie" thing.

Tune in tomorrow when hopefully Tim will have a card made using a brand new digital image.


  1. Marvelous card, Monica. Love how you match the paper to your image.

    My bday will be in October, you know?

  2. So you're saying if I start thinking about it now, I'll only be a couple of WEEKS late??


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