Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sing It! - Hambo Design Team Challenge

I challenged the ladies on the design team to create a Hambo card inspired by a song. That simple. No requirements as to what kind of song, or what singer ... just a song, any song. This morning I already saw a couple of their posts, and wowzers -- the songs range from an opera's aria to a nursery rhyme. How fun! :)

MY song choice was a novelty song -- any guesses as to which one?? That's right, "Mamma Mia!" NO - I kid! (I do that every time; you're expecting it now, aren't you?) This is, of course, representative of "The Purple People Eater." And I was SO proud of this card, until a few moments ago when I was singing the song to myself, and came to the lyrics "one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater." My purple people eater is apparently an embarrassment to the family, because he has TWO eyes, TWO horns ... and he's nowhere close to flight. A VERY ugly duckling, if you will.

This "Beast" is one of our soon-to-be-released new Hambo designs, as is the "Beast Friends Forever" sentiment. I asked Tim to draw me a beast, and this guy immediately stole my heart. How can you not love him?? I'm always nagging Tim to start working on a children's book, and I think this guy would be a wonderful character for that book! Perhaps someday...

Anyway, as I said yesterday, this card was a collaboration. Tim colored the beast with Prismacolor pencils, and I know he's my husband and I shouldn't be bragging, but I think he did an AMAZING job coloring this! He handed it over to me, and I knew exactly what to do: using the Clean & Simple "Fall-to Layout #59", I made a square card to coordinate with the purple shades. I just LOVE how this turned out!

And now be sure to go see what songs the rest of the designers chose to work with:





And I might have more songs to illustrate later this week. I really love having an inspirational theme such as this one -- it gets the creative juices flowing -- and I keep coming up with more and more ideas. So, as long as I can find time, you'll see what kinds of songs go on in my internal iPod! LOL (BTW, this morning, the Benny Hill music is my earbug!)

Thanks for stopping by! And if YOU want to give this a try and make a song-inspired card yourself, leave a link so we can all check it out!

Have a great day!


  1. This is so awesome!! I am in love!!
    And you are right - Timbo's coloring is outstanding!!!

  2. Waay cool card Monica!! First, I love purple and that song is so awesome!! :) And isn't there always an "odd" one in the family anyway!? LOL!! I'll go check out the others!! :)

  3. Hi Monica! I haven't been blog hoppin' much lately, but I'm sure glad I hopped on over here today! That is an AMAZING illustration and coloring done by your sweetie! I am so glad you are going to have him (the beast, not Timbo) rubberized! Way cool!!!

  4. OMG, this is just too cute! Tim's monster stole my heart, too.
    Your collaborations are just the BEST. Love the Swiss dots paper and how you added the ribbon. Marvelous!!

  5. I love him! Can't wait to see the new stamps..Yippee!!

  6. Cute new image and saying! I just adore your purple monster.

  7. ADORABLE! What an awesome job he did on the coloring! Must save this the design!

  8. I wanted to play along too!! I was inspired by a Barney song that my kids used to sing! I also used the sketch challenge again to make THIS CARD! TFL!!


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