Friday, January 18, 2013

Name That Toon! - Hambo Blog Hop

Welcome to the "Name That Toon!" Hambo Blog Hop! Today, the Bacon Bits, along with some Hambo friends, share with you our versions of some of our favorite comic-strips, past or present. Whether you know them as comics, cartoons, or funny pages, we're sure you'll be reminded of at least ONE that you've read and loved through the years.

And besides the fun that we know is in store for you, there will also be some prizes handed out for laughing along with us: a $15 shopping spree in our digi store will be awarded to a randomly-drawn hopper who leaves a comment at each of the "panels" along the way, and a $20 Hambo site-wide shopping spree will go to the "stripper" (comic stripper, that is!) chosen by the Bacon Bits as our "Best in Show" participant. Though we appreciate comments any time, the deadline for prize-consideration comments is Sunday, January 20 at 5:00PM CST. We'll reveal the winners on this blog on Wednesday, January 23 ... so don't forget to check back!

I've had my share of favorites through the years: as a kid, I loved the Peanuts characters. In high school, I was obsessed with Bloom County, and Opus in particular. When that strip retired, I moved on to Calvin & Hobbes, and these days, my favorites are Pearls Before Swine, and Rhymes With Orange

But my absolute favorite of all time...  The Far Side, by Gary Larson!  Here is MY take one of his single-panel comics, which I renamed "The FUR Side"...

When I think of The Far Side, my mind goes straight to cows...

... so I instantly knew which image I wanted to use. Both the "Happy Cow" and the "House 2" are digi images, to which I added the sidewalk and grass to complete the scene. It must be noted that I did adjust the cow a bit; I removed his smile, and instead gave him the round "oooh" lips like Gary Larson is also fond of. Though I felt like I was cheating, I went ahead and colored the scene on the computer before I printed it out -- because I wanted it to have the "flat" look of the colors in comic strips. Do you forgive me??

Now it's time to turn the page to the next comic in the line-up ... Lyn!   The complete funny pages layout is listed below, in case you get lost, or find a broken link:

Talk to the Ham (that's me!)











Happy Hopping!!


  1. Oh my gosh so funny!! It looks so much like a Larson cartoon that I was looking for your card! And then I am like.....hey, I know that cow. And that house!! You are so clever. Kudos~!

  2. This is SO Cool! Like Judy said, it looks just like a Larson cartoon! I kept scrolling for your card and realized it was your card!! LOVE IT!

  3. OMG! I kept looking for your card too! Great job Monica.

  4. I hadn't considered that it wouldn't stand out as being done by me! I just edited the post so that it's a little more clear. :)

  5. haha...the first time I saw this, I thought it was a "real comic" too! haha....I couldn't find the card. Maybe it was b/c I was snoozing in bed with my I'm on my laptop. No wonder I love your zany all goes back to the quirky Far Side characters! haha

  6. I L-O-V-E the far side and your take made me laugh out loud - I think that means the job was done!!! Awesome way to start off the hop!

  7. This is sooooo funny, if I had picked this card up in some high street card shop I would be the one standing in the aisle chuckling to myself, I have never heard of the far side but with your card and the several clips you have added I think they are hilarious. fabulous. :)

  8. I can't believe how well you did this. The "flat" coloring really makes it look like a comic. Yet another of your many talents!

  9. Oh how funny, love the cows. Great card!

  10. Hi Monica! Your card is so funny; and I laughed out loud at those "Far Side" samples. What a hilarious start to the hop! Great job.

  11. The Far Side was always a great one! Good choice!

  12. This is amazing, Monica! I had my husband "hop" with me and he just couldn't stop laughing at yours and thought it was an original Far Side. Nicely done!


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